Today’s Word is… ACCOUNTABLE


Yes I had to share this!!! Say it again!!!

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So I got a letter recently from a male fan? Reader? Troll? Admirer?…he starts off by qualifying himself, he sees me around the blogosphere and thinks I speak real spit , I’m funny whathaveyou HOOOWEVER, when he found this blog he was disappointed to see me pander to tired black women (he referenced my big girls and bachelorette posts…guessing he missed the actual #loveletterstoBW post) he went on to talk about how us kings get platforms and are afraid to hold these women accountable (to what exactly? He didn’t know) yada yada yada…

I never responded. I didn’t care to think how to, it slipped the back of my mind until Friday when I saw Twitter abuzz about Stephen A Smith’s comments on the Ray Rice suspension. Ironically, at first Smith qualified himself (raised by women, would go off if someone dared touched a woman whom HE cared for) then…

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Music Mondays: 85

Yes, I had to bring it here… this is that song right here. Act like you don’t know

Flashback Fridays: How Will I Know


To in tribute to the late Whitney Houston… I got my hair done similar to her and since my friend was sick in the hospital I figured I’d cheer her up by dancing to this particular song… lol and I had to post it on FB…so djm.. and here you go!!




How can you hear this song and not dance? Annoying because we hear it everywhere but you gotta just get up and dance!!! :)


Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 9

Maya's Two Worlds

Brandy walked through her house door, and Mark was sitting there. He was confused as to why Brandy left so abruptly. Brandy look at her husband still was a bit nervous but she said “Okay, we can do the threesome.” Mark sat there dumbfounded; he just knew she would say no. All he utters was “Ok, honey.” Brandy had no idea what she was getting herself but she wanted to please her man.

The door open and the smells from the kitchen made Maya’s tummy growl. She looked at Akil and smiled. Akil ran over and grabbed Maya’s hand and lead her through the room straight to the table set for two. He turned on some Luther V. and started dancing to it and singing in front of Maya. He couldn’t help but laugh at himself because his dancing skills weren’t all that great. But it got Maya to laugh and that was his goal. He went the stove and made two plates and walked over and sat one down in front of Maya. Maya licked her lips the food not only smelled delicious it looked delicious as well. Chicken Parm with nicely toasted garlic bread, Akil had skills. They made light conversation, and Maya found out that Akil cooked a local restaurant called “The King’s Palace”. She had never been there before it kind in the upscale part of town.

As the two enjoyed the meal, Akil’s thoughts were racing. He had a question he wanted to ask Maya but he couldn’t form the words. Maya sense the odd silence and ask Akil was he done with his plate. He smiled and said “yes I am.” She reached over to pick up his plate and he reached in for a kiss. Thrown off Maya accept his kiss and kissed him back. Before they knew it they were in each others arms. Maya’s body screamed for Akil’s touch. She didn’t know why she felt so comfortable around him, but she loved every minute of it. She kissed him and mumbles something, but Akil couldn’t make out what she said. He didn’t want this moment to end. Maya pulled herself away, and said those infamous words, “Akil can we talk?” Akil reluctantly pulled himself way, and walked over to the couch and took a seat. His mind was racing, what did she have to say? Why did she ruin the moment?

Maya walked over and sat next to this man, not knowing what would happen. But she couldn’t go on having him think one way without all the facts. “I’m bisexual. I don’t know what your intentions are with me, but I feel you need to know. I really do like you, and we have a connection. So I need to know that you’re comfortable with it?” She sat there looking at Akil waiting for him to react or say something. Akil took a few minute to process what he just heard. He really looked at Maya and wanted to say what he thought. “Maya, I need you to know that I like you as well, I have wanted you since I moved into this building and met you after bumping into you. You finally give me the chance and we have this amazing connection, but…” Maya’s body cringed when she heard that “but”. She tried to save face and smile, while waiting for him to finish. “My last relationship was with a bisexual female, and she cheated on my and left me for a female. I know kind of takes a lot out of a man when your girl leaves you for another female. So this worries me, to be honest.” Maya wanted to take back her truth, and grab Akil and just tell him that will never happen, but she couldn’t predict the future. “Well I will take what you said, but know that I can’t change who I am. I will give you some time to think things over and we will talk about what this is between us.”

Akil walked Maya out and all the way to her door. Kissed her on her cheek and watched as she closed her apartment door.

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