A Prayer for Ferguson, Michael Brown’s Family, Unity and Justice

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Michael Brown's Murder

(Photo Credit: Slate)

Father God in the name of Jesus,

Right now, I ask that you would comfort and strengthen the family and friends of Michael Brown. You are the only one who can heal them in the places where they’re broken. They’ve been living with the reality Michael Brown died an unnecessary death. Darren Wilson allowed anger and disregard for Black life to result in the murder of Brown. Lord, only you can change the heart of Darren Wilson and all those like him who don’t value Black life. I ask you to change the hearts of people who don’t value Black life. Transform all hearts to love Black life. Have Wilson to turn himself in and confess his wrongdoings to the authorities. While many people will not believe that this will happen, everything we place in your powerful hands can be done.

Justice has not been served in…

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Sick Leave

Last night after a day of not feeling well I had a seizure… Now I have had them as a kid and a teen but haven’t had any since 11th grade. I didn’t have the shaking kind as a kid, but last night it was a shaking one in front of my kids. My daughter quickly called my sister and the called 911. I was sent to the hospital. Then I had a panick attack… After finally getting my tempt down, my blood pressure and heart rate together. I was poked proded and etc.

Bonded with my nurse as she gave me a rectal tempt….awkward Willie S says we (me and the nurse) go together.

So I do have an infection that needs to take its course and I have meds.

Anyways, I’m home and taking it day by day. Please pray for me as I must make appointments with doctors to make sure or find out if this will happen again…prayerfully not.

Also, I will be taking a break in the middle of this blog challenge and hopefully pick up sooner.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Day 9: What is the thing you wish you were good at?


I wish I was good at saving money. Every time I get money I have a bill to pay. I tried saving but something always comes up!!

Day 8: Write about something that makes you smile.


My Mini & Tater

My Mini & Tater

Watching my kid’s play together and seeing the bond they have is amazing. It make me smile because you can see the love for them and it reminds me of my childhood. Sure me and my brother and sisters had bad times, but the good times out weigh that. And even though as adults we drive each other crazy the bond and closeness we have is the best!!


In our worst times we are here for one another.


Music Mondays: Say Goodbye

Fitting for a break up… you know. Even when the love is still there and you know it’s for the best!!