Day 30: Why did you start blogging and the story behind the blog’s name?

If you don’t the reason why I started this blog, I wrote it in about it in my “About The Writer” section of my blog. So take a short trip over…

Now as far as the story behind the blog’s name. I really don’t know… let me think. Spoken Words and Thoughts, well more along the lines of my words and thoughts that I wish to “speak” to you.

Does that make any sense? LOL

Day 29: What Are Some of Your Fears?

Hmmm in my current state…

Losing the man I wanna spend the rest of my life to the system for something he didn’t do.

Still struggling to make it with my kids

Not being a good enough mother…


Why is there almost always a problem when we as a people try to organize?


This past Sunday I participated in #blackdayofsilence where the idea was for everyone of every race would blackout their profile pictures on any and all social media sites and go silence (which mean no posting, logging off, etc.) for 24 hours. From 12 noon Sunday to 12 noon Monday.

I challenged many of my friends to do so, and few signed up to do this, while some did not. Then you have a group of folk spouting out negative comments, like what do that do…how can that help? I don’t think they realize the power social media has over people. To ask that of millions to go silent and not use social media for a small period of time is a big deal in this day and age. What with everyone glued to their phones and twitting this and updating statues left and right. Imagine if we all went silence for one day?

I remember FB having a black out day and it lost millions in advertisements. So this small act to honor those who we lost to gun violence due to police shooting first and asking questions later.

I mean we can’t come together for something like this really where is the unity? The sad part about it is most of the nay Sayers are the same color as me. But in the same breath they speak black folks need to come together, you say what we are doing with not just black folks but people of all races, colors and creeds are participating in this because they are human and they see the injustice that is going on.

Day 28: What are your 3 top bands?

Hmmmmm, I’m not really a band person. Although, I have heard some bands play or have listened to their music I don’t have any favorites!!


Sorry guys!

Music Mondays: I Have A Dream

This song is so real right now!! Love this song from a great movie!!!


Day 27: Are You Messy or Neat


I hate mess, if there is a mess I wanna gather things up and throw everything away without even looking to see what it is. I have done that and ended up having to buy new stuff to replace the stuff I threw out.

So to answer the question I’m neat despite what my kids do to my house!! LOL

**This post is going up early in order for me participate in National Black Day..remember ing those we lost to gun violence and the recent police killings that were unjustified.**

Day 26: Name 10 places you would like to visit.

1. Ireland
2. Hawaii
3. The Virgin Islands
4. Jamaica
5. Egypt
6. London
7. Canada
8. Paris
9. Mexico
10. The White House

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