Life Happens


So I want to explain my pop-ins on the blog. I’m here but I’m not type of thing. I have a lot of personal things going on in my life. I have to prioritize the things that matters. My blog is my space were I vent, but at the present time I can’t vent because although it affects my life, it’s not my place to tell this story. But one day I shall vent my frustrations and some what share limited details.

I asked that my readers, those who follow and comment to keep me and my family in your prayers. I have never walked this path in my life, and yet I face it and am uncertain of the outcome.

Also, keep my mother in your prayers.

At work, I had to be the star player, even though my paycheck remained the same. It sucks going to work everyday and doing my job along with someone else’s job…while those who should’ve stepped up because the been here longer ask you all the questions. In your mind you wanna explode because they should know and you should be asking the questions and they should have the answers.

Everyday has been exhausting!! But I’m glad my co-worker who does work is back. After being out do to a serious family issue. I don’t know how she dealt with that before I got here. It fucking sucks!!

I don’t know guys, but I shall blog when I can. I ask that you continue to be understanding and like I asked continue to pray for me and my loved one. It’s stressful enough without having someone to vent to and get advice.

Music Monday: It’s A Shame


A lot of songs popped into this head of mines this morning, but this one stuck out.


RIP Chris Kelly



Sex w/ Sunny: Self Love


This question came to through a friend of mines. I will share my answer in the comment section!!

Music Mondays: Free Your Mind


Love, Love this video and this song!!! Seems relevant today too… funny how songs from back in the day are like that!!!

Yall remember them on “A Different World”?


Had to post that one too….lol

What’s Your Flavor?


Arrow pointing in the right direction!! 💋💋💖💖👏👏👏🍸🍸 I wanna learn!!!

Sorry I saw this and felt a special feeling in my happy place!!!

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