Just a Thought: Rejection


I posted this (changed the wording a little) to my FB and the comments were hilarious:

I was talking about rejection with coworkers. You know about the guy that killed that girl after rejecting him. Now a few months back I got rejected. I actually hit a guy up and said “Hi”. He replied “you’re not my type.’ After I picked my pride/face up off the floor I moved on. Everyone gets rejected…but you don’t need to kill anyone over it!!

It’s funny because after some laugh we actually had an interesting conversation. I thought this guy was a bit mean, because he didn’t even say “Hi”. LOL, but then one of the people who commented on my stat said woman are far worst and it’s true. I had to think about the many times, I have basically rejected someone far worst then that guy could ever do. And I looked it like karma….yup it showed up and showed out.

My homie Social Kenny did shed some light. Most guys like the hunt and he (the guy) was put off by me approaching him. I very well may have been his type but that to him was a turn off. *shrugs* I’m a big girl…plus one mans trash is another’s treasure. Someone smart said that. LOL

I don’t know but if you care to share a rejection story or your thoughts on being rejected feel free to drop a few lines.

Music Mondays: Head of Household


Great song, and I’d thought you guys would enjoy it!!

All Black Everything

Went out this wkend which I haven’t done it awhile, so here’s a picture of me!!





Y’all know I love my curl/wild hair but I gave it a break for a little.

10 Random Things About My Wkend


  1. Went to my mom’s house to eat some free food!!
  2. Said yes, to joining my friend in a 3K walk for Suicide Prevention event.
  3. I Love Him!!
  4. Never seen him so upset, he needed to vent and I was a listening ear.
  5. I swear us mother’s make money stretch!! I did that at Wal-Mart.
  6. Tried to get the little tater off the bottle.
  7. The walk was enlightening, you never know someone’s story until your equip enough to listen.
  8. The after work conversation was even more interesting. We never know what can affect our kids, we need to do better. Raise our girls to be women and men to be men.
  9. Made Sunday dinner.
  10. Wrote a 3 page letter to encourage him.

What’s Your Flavor?




Saw here and had to share…. enjoy!!! :)

Music Mondays: Ask of You

This song goes out to my love!!!

Kissin’ you is not enough for me
You know I’m a big boy, and big boys have desires
Makin’ love is what I want to do
But I need a true friend to make me come together

Just give me all your lovin’ (All your love)
Girl, I’ll do all the rubbin’
(I want to kiss you right there)
That’s all I ask of you
(Just stand right there, little girl)
I’ll kiss you anywhere (Anywhere)
Yes, love, even there
(Especially there and there)
That’s all I ask of you
(That’s all I ask of you)

 Raphael Saadiq – Ask Of You Lyrics | MetroLyrics