Mommy Needs A Break


Yes, I love my kids Lord knows I do!! But two straight months with the 24/7… yes I need some “me time”. I don’t need to go anywhere just a day to sleep in and not have to worry about cooking, changing diapers, arguing/beating a pre teen who hasn’t yet grasped that talking back is wrong!!


Can yall pray for me?! LOL

I just need a day to be off mom duties and knowing me I will probably clean and/or sleep my life away. LOL But that would be perfectly fine!!

Today’s Word is… ACCOUNTABLE


Yes I had to share this!!! Say it again!!!

Originally posted on Stan of Few Words:


So I got a letter recently from a male fan? Reader? Troll? Admirer?…he starts off by qualifying himself, he sees me around the blogosphere and thinks I speak real spit , I’m funny whathaveyou HOOOWEVER, when he found this blog he was disappointed to see me pander to tired black women (he referenced my big girls and bachelorette posts…guessing he missed the actual #loveletterstoBW post) he went on to talk about how us kings get platforms and are afraid to hold these women accountable (to what exactly? He didn’t know) yada yada yada…

I never responded. I didn’t care to think how to, it slipped the back of my mind until Friday when I saw Twitter abuzz about Stephen A Smith’s comments on the Ray Rice suspension. Ironically, at first Smith qualified himself (raised by women, would go off if someone dared touched a woman whom HE cared for) then…

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Music Mondays: 85

Yes, I had to bring it here… this is that song right here. Act like you don’t know

Flashback Fridays: How Will I Know


To in tribute to the late Whitney Houston… I got my hair done similar to her and since my friend was sick in the hospital I figured I’d cheer her up by dancing to this particular song… lol and I had to post it on FB…so djm.. and here you go!!




How can you hear this song and not dance? Annoying because we hear it everywhere but you gotta just get up and dance!!! :)


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