Day 6: Animal you would love to have as a pet?

I would love to have a snake…. I remember the first time one of my friend’s kids had one as a pet and I love that snake. I forget the kind of snake it was but I liked holding it. The feeding part… nah!!!

Day 5: Do You Collect Anything?

Pennies… I have this jar on my desk and one at home waiting for them to get full so I can cash them in. LOL

Hey times are hard and don’t you dare judge me.

Day 4: Who/What can’t you live without? Why?

Jesus/God: I think that is pretty simple. Higher power created this world we live in, so how can we continue on without him?

Air: You need air to breathe!! LOL


As far as material things I have none that I can think of at the present. Other folks like family/friends and etc…. we need people to surround us. You know. But there is quite a few that make your life worth living…live you kids and pets!! They love you in a different special way!! :)

Day 3: What’s inside your bag?


What you see:

Diapers & Wipes

Scarf & Gloves



What you don’t see:

Driver’s Permit

Order Form for Cakes/Pies & Cheese Cake


Loose Change

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JRo’s Adventures in Europe

Let me set this up properly… My Ace has been deployed over in Europe and I asked him to do a guest post sharing his experience with us. Not all the details, just whatever he decided he wanted to share. I told him to think of it as jounral entry, anything is expectable.. so this is the first of many. Also follow him on twitter @JRo609 

Thanks for doing this J!!!