Day 25: Favorite Disney Character and why?


Yes, if you know me you’d have no problem answering this question!! I loved Robin Williams, he is a brilliant actor and has a host of characters inside of him. Who ever over at Disney picked him for The Genie is a genius!!!

I keep playing the song “Never Had A Friend Like Me” in my head!!! :)

Day 24: The currently/last book you have read/reading?


Wow, now I don’t even want to answer this question!! I love reading and snuggling up with a good book but I haven’t read anything in the last few years and I have really dropped the ball.

So don’t look at the date but the last book I read was “Loose Girl“. Any one got a good books they have come across that I should read… drop it in the comments. Also just a FYI my reading taste varies, but I don’t like self-help books, I’m more of a true story about someone’s life, books about past history etc. Also every so often the urban books…

Day 23: What is one thing that your excited about?

I’m excited about finishing this blog challenge!! Lmao, yes in my everyday life and getting caught up in life you forget things like a blog challenge!!

So I’m excited to be finishing this and moving on to my next venture on my blog. I have so many ideas, and I wanna see if those things will happen!!

Day 22: What is your most prized possession and why?

When I first looked at this question I wondered what it truly meant. I wondered was it something material or could it be a person. But maybe I over think things, lol I know most of us who writers who are over thinkers (maybe it just me).

Anywho, I saw that it can be a person or object that you hold dear to your heart. Since I’m not big on material things, I would have to answer this with my minis. Yup “not so mini” mini me and her brother my Tater Tot.

My Mini & Tater

My Mini & Tater

Day 21: 5 words or phrase that make you laugh.


1. “Loopalinda”

2. “Mama I Love You, POP Hold it down.”

3. “Barely”

4. “I’m legally blind, so how I’m drive a car?”

5. “So you can’t see anything?”


Y’all know those last 4 belong to one video…and yall all should’ve seen that interview and song!! Feeling childish!!

If you wanna know more about this blog challenge, click here.


Music Mondays: 4 Minutes


Day 20: Where would you like to visit or live one day?

I would love to visit Ireland one day!! To see all the beatifulness up close and personal!!




Pic via Twenty One No Gluten


Such a beautiful place!!!

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