Day 7: What do you wear to bed?

Well my dear nosey nelly, it depends on the day. But most days just draws and tshirt.

LOL what do you wear to bed?


What happens when you find yourself no longer attracted to your mate/spouse?

Have you ever been in this situation? Care to share??

Day 6: Animal you would love to have as a pet?

I would love to have a snake…. I remember the first time one of my friend’s kids had one as a pet and I love that snake. I forget the kind of snake it was but I liked holding it. The feeding part… nah!!!

Day 5: Do You Collect Anything?

Pennies… I have this jar on my desk and one at home waiting for them to get full so I can cash them in. LOL

Hey times are hard and don’t you dare judge me.

Day 4: Who/What can’t you live without? Why?

Jesus/God: I think that is pretty simple. Higher power created this world we live in, so how can we continue on without him?

Air: You need air to breathe!! LOL


As far as material things I have none that I can think of at the present. Other folks like family/friends and etc…. we need people to surround us. You know. But there is quite a few that make your life worth living…live you kids and pets!! They love you in a different special way!! :)