Music Monday: Flyest Gangstas f/ AZ


Haven’t heard this song in a while, turned my laptop on and was listening to music and this song came on… I already had in my music player. LOL… rocked out and yes I still know the lyrics!!

Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 12

Maya's Two Worlds


On the drive home Jas thought to herself, Maya got a bunch of drama. She laughed to herself, wondering how things got out of hand and how could Maya fix things. She knew Maya really liked Akil and hoped things worked out for the best.

When Jas approached her apartment complex, she picked up her phone. Right then it buzzed.

Maya: “I’m home.”
Jas: “Okay, I will come over in the morning with Brandy.”
Maya: “Okay I will cook breakfast. Goodnight”
Jas: “Gn”

The next morning Jas showered and called Brandy. They planned to meet up at Maya’s. So she jumped in the shower and put on some gym clothes. She planned on getting some running in after their morning chat. When Jas pulled up to Maya’s house Brandy was already there. They walked into the complex and rung Maya’s bell.

Maya opened her door, and invited her friends in and told them in a hushed tone that Akil was still there. The walked into the living room and begin to talk. Brandy said in a hushed tone, “So I missed the show last night?” Both Maya and Jas shot her a look, and she smiled saying, “too soon?” Brandy thought to herself that she would make light of the situation.

Maya: “She has been sending me text since last night!”
Jas: “what is she saying?”
Maya: “She is sorry, she was drunk…blah blah blah”
Brandy: “Do you believer her?”
Maya: “Somewhat, but I’m really not trying to hear that.”

As Brandy began Akil came into the room. He spoke to them, and excused himself. Leaving as he told Maya to call him later. The ladies waved and Jas turned to Maya, “so what happened with you too?” “We still need to talk, we both were tired and we need to have that discussion.”

Brandy said, “Let’s head to the gym or the mall?” Maya toyed around with the idea and her and Jas minds must’ve been in sync the both blurted out “Gym!” So Maya took a quick shower and put on her gym clothes, and she tossed Brandy some clothes to change into…and they all jumped in Brandy’s car and headed to the gym. Blowing off the steam was just what the doctor ordered.

In the treadmill Maya thought to herself about how she would start the conversation off with Akil. She really like him, but didn’t want to lose him. Then she got side tracked when her phone rung, it was Trina. But Maya didn’t want to talk to her, she was more focused on Akil.

What’s Your Flavor?

I just wanna say, thank you!!!




Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ladies get them girls checked… know now, rather than wait until its too late!! Protect Your Girls!!!





10 Random Things About My Wkend



  1. I did my mini’s hair.
  2. I cried…
  3. Changed my relationship status on FB
  4. Had a good talk with a friend, who made me see that I had to make a decision for myself, and I can’t be afraid because of what others go through.
  5. Looked a Halloween costumes online.
  6. Went all the way to a store and picked out some gifts for my co-workers bdays and I get to the register to realize I had my son’s check in/out card for daycare and not my bank card.
  7. Finally getting back into blogging.
  8. Wrote a letter and baby sat my status.
  9. I wanted ice cream all wkend, went to many stores and didn’t get any. LOL
  10. Airplane Mode is helping me with my data plan…lol.

Yes, I know I’m trying to get back to blogging!!!

Music Mondays: Can’t Help It/Are U Still Down

Sorry guys I couldn’t choose one…so here is two



R.I.P 2 Pac…loved him on this song. The vibe was nice.