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My advice would be to let her pick the girl, not you. Or you both pick the girl together. Trust me, some females have a problem when the guy picks the other female. Because they are wondering who is she? How did they meet? How did they get on the type of good terms for him to be even asking her to join in.

Since she asked you to pick the female, my suggestion would be to just take her out for drinks (not to get her drunk, but to help her relax) and somewhere that has a dance floor. Get her up and dancing, and playfully flirt with other females (not just you, her too). If the other women is flirting with you both throw subtle hints, like my girl thinks your cute (we wanna take you home) things like that. But also get them two to talk. Being that your girl is there, she has to send signals to the other female like its cool, you know what I mean. Then if the female bites the bait, usually she will seek approve and touch your and your girl. Then you can simply ask, and see what she says. It’s all about low pressure, the right signals and body language. You’d be surprised.

Or you can simply ask someone you know that has done it before, to help you and your girl experience that.

Anyone else care to share their thoughts?

Thanks for asking, and keep the questions coming!! :)

10 Random Things About My Wkend



  1. Found out I will never shop at Finish Line, went to go food shopping and my account had a balance of $1. Yes, finish line signed me up for a damn sports illustrated magazine and they charged me.
  2. After fussing with S.I (see above) they said they would refund my money.
  3. My After 4th of July cookout was mad fun!! Although, some hiccups came along with it, the kids had so much fun!! Thanks to my friend Armando for grilling for me!!
  4. Sunday, was relaxing although my son showed signs of Hand,Mouth and Foot Disease. It had been going around the daycare.
  5. My mom almost got cussed out!
  6. I love hearing my son’s father and him talk on the phone.
  7. My daughter spoke to her father too, she wouldn’t tell me what the conversation consisted of. Although she said she was gonna ask him to spend the night. She punked out. LOL
  8. True Blood, was good!!
  9. My cable is off, half way!! LOL
  10. Leftovers from the cookout, winning!!!

Do You Know What Today Is?



So as I walking back from my Tater’s school helping out at the book sale, I got an alert on my phone telling me it was my 5 year blogiversary!!!

So what shall I say? Wow its been that long?!

Thanks to all you beautiful people!!!!

Now let me share some of my favorite post!! In no certain order:

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And yall know I had to add the song tho!!

Music Monday: 4 Page Letter

Just was thinking about my son’s father and our relationship or lack there of, is crazy. When it’s just us things are great… but if this was in my younger years I’d write him a letter. That was my thing back then.

Idk…. I’m weird like that. LOL

10 Random Things About My Wkend



  1. I boo loved with my momma for a little. She had my minis, you can tell she is bored and just wants company.
  2. I’m preparing for what might be a very small 4th of July cookout.
  3. Hit both of my kid’s fathers up for money and they both came through.
  4. Had a brief talk with my daughter after her father left.
  5. Had a text chat with my daughter’s father. He has to understand that he needs to show her that he didn’t forget about her. (Her words).
  6. Realized that my kids are truly growing up!
  7. Watched “Think like a Man 2”, good next up the new Transformers.
  8. Started to put water in my pool but the way I’m set up, see I get in the mood and then I go outside and say fuck it!
  9. My daughter played outside without any problems!
  10. If I had to sum my wkend up I’d say: Relaxing!