Day 3: What’s inside your bag?


What you see:

Diapers & Wipes

Scarf & Gloves



What you don’t see:

Driver’s Permit

Order Form for Cakes/Pies & Cheese Cake


Loose Change

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JRo’s Adventures in Europe

Let me set this up properly… My Ace has been deployed over in Europe and I asked him to do a guest post sharing his experience with us. Not all the details, just whatever he decided he wanted to share. I told him to think of it as jounral entry, anything is expectable.. so this is the first of many. Also follow him on twitter @JRo609 

Thanks for doing this J!!!


Day 2: Middle Name & Significance


Well you’ve guess it!! Lorraine is my middle name. I don’t like it and for some you could’ve guessed it being my FB friend. Anyways the significance of this middle name of mines, is that I was given this name after my mom’s sister Lorraine. She was older than my mom and for some strange reason she decided to give me her first name as my middle name.

I have asked why… and my mom doesn’t remember so I’m gonna assume she liked it.

Music Mondays: Try Again

After this wkend I felt this was on point.

Day 1: iPod Shuffle 1st 10 you feel about them.


Pardon my face I was a little upset.

1. “Suffocate” J. Holiday ~ This song reminds me of love… a mixture of puppy love and the real thing.

2. “Gotta Make It” Trey Songz f. Twista ~ Who how I have been feeling this last few days.. I just gotta make it for my minis.

3. “Nobody Knows” Tony Rich Project ~ Makes me feel the pain of lost loves.

4. “That’s The Way Love Goes” Janet Jackson ~ Love this song…and its so true.

5. “Meeting In My Bedroom” Silk ~ Make me feel grown and sexy.

6. “Dark Horse” Katy Perry f. Juicy J ~ Make me feel exotic and sexy, also a little powerful when I sing it…cuz I picture me being the queen of the Nile… royalty.

7. “No Letting Go” Wayne Wonder ~ Makes me wanna dance and whine upon him (idk who he is but you know). Make me feel like I got a little dancehall queen hidden inside of me that is leaping to get out!

8. “Get On My Level” Lil Jon f. Others lol ~ Make me get crunk!! Cuz no one is ever on my level!! LOL I’m typing this while crumpin inside!!!

9. “Limbo” Daddy Yankee f. Wisin & Yandel~ Make me feel like dancing the dance from my daughter’s Just Dance 2014…and i feel like I know spanish just that much that I can blast this and dance my ass with some latinos and latinas!!

10. “Beautiful” Damien Marley f. Bobby Brown ~ Oooh how I love this song. Makes me feel like I can walk up to this man and ask him can I shampoo his locks. Yes I’m that bold.

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