Day 28: Most Embarrassing Moment



So picture the scene, two best friends walking through the mall shopping for a certain color dress. Walking in and out of store and laughing and all that good stuff. Waits in the local hood booger store and to no avail nothing, as I’m trash talking on the way out not looking where I’m going and looking back at my bestie. A loud smack, wild curly hair and a shaking sound occurs. Yup! I walked right to the sign much like the one outside of the store in the above picture. My best friend is laughing as the whole mall goes quiet and this Indian guys just give me that “damn” look as he try not to laugh and I notice everyone is looking at me. I shamefully walk off fixing my wild curls.

I yell… you let  me do it! Where is your loyalty? She says while laughing she said, “it happen so fast.”

Drop yours below….


Freddie Gray and Eric Garner Didn’t Have to Die: Open Season on Black Males in America

Originally posted on Revolutionary Paideia:

Freddie Gray (Photo Credit: The Grio)

Freddie Gray in Baltimore and Eric Garner in New York didn’t have to die. Before some of you begin to respond with “they shouldn’t have gotten arrested,” being arrested has never meant an automatic termination of life. Okay, Gray and Garner both engaged in activities that violated the criminal law. Is there a new standard in America now that says a violation of the criminal law automatically results in the dissolution of an individual’s life? Well, in the cases of Gray and Garner, the police officers involved in their murders acted as if the answer is yes.

Are the murders of Gray and Garner all about race? No. Race did play an important factor but what happened to them is just as much about class and gender. First, let me disabuse some of the false notion that just because there were a few black cops involved…

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Radio Show or Podcast?


So last night while nursing a hangover I thought about my idea of starting a blog talk radio or podcast surrounding the topic of relationships. I’m not big on giving relationship advice, but I’d like to open up the discussion between men and women. Answer all the question people are scared to ask and have those taboo conversations that need to be talk about.

Now all I have to go is build a fan base. I reached out to 3 of the my friends with the idea of starting a FB page and seeing if that could lead to the radio show or the podcast. Now I know a lot of my blog fam dabble in things like this so I’m asking for your help. How do I even begin to get this off the ground?


Please comment ideas and helpful advice! Thanks in advance!