Ain’t Seen Cheeks In A Minute


If anyone knows me they know that it’s been a while since I see a wang up close and personal. Waking up and trying to go to sleep when I have a need that needs to be tended to, but for the time being I can’t get what I want so I use my hands or my travel size. It’s been frustrating some days but some days are easy.

I miss the feeling though. I told my love this time apart without that is hard. But I know I don’t want it from anyone else but him. I mean you can always find someone to replace for the time being but it probably won’t feel the way your use to. I need his touch, I need his hands, his lips and all of that.

Porn has been a huge help during this time but it just makes me want him more. You know. I want to act out those things I see. I want to see the look on his face as I do what I do… I miss it all.

Phone sex is great because I have a vivid imagination and I can think back to the times we were together and remember all those feeling and I swear it feels like it’s happening at that moment and I’m sent to that special places that leaves me out of breath.

I know that when the time comes and we are in each other’s arms again, it’s going DOWN!!



And who else feels my pain…none other than my homie JRo… and here are his thoughts:

Monday September 1, 2014. 233 days ago from today.  That’s the last time I’ve had sex. And I still have 56 days before I return to the States, and another 7-10 days before I am back at home. Life of a deployed soldier….

Life sucks without sex, we all know that. To go from having sex damn near every day, to none at all, is a major blow to a persons mental state. Yeah, this is our life as a soldier, being deployed 4000+ miles away from home for 9-12 months, but who knew it would be this hard!! There is no amount of work, training, exercising, or other Army duties that can distract you from sex. Me being a guy, I think about it from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. And that’s a bad thing. When you’re stashed away in a foreign country with the same people for months at a time, things change. These people are supposed to be considered “family”…but hey, I guess my “sisters” can get the D!!!

Porn doesn’t really do it for me anymore. I mean, come on, it’s only so much porn to watch. A dude, a chick, some sucking, stroking and a final end shot all over. Then you’re right back to where to started. Lonely and more sexually frustrated. My hard drive collection of porn,all 134GB, has been passed around so much collecting new material I think I need to scan that for a STD!!  Over my last few months I have been entertained with pics, and Skype shows from back home, but it doesn’t beat the real thing.

I can truly say I can not wait to get back home. I’ve told my girl that once I am back in the States, we might not even make it from the airport before stopping for a sexual escapade somewhere. I need that touch, taste, and feel. Missing that “spontaneous-come in from work-strip me down-make my toes curl-all night-waterfalls” kinda night. But for now, looks like Jada Fire and XVideos will have to do.

Until we meet again young lady…Until we meet again!!

SPC Robinson

NJ Army National Guard

Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo

Fireman’s Ball (All Black Affair)

I guess this post could be considered an Eye Candy Edition for you fellas…and ladies who can appreciate some sexy ladies!!


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For most of my friend’s that know me know that I attend this even yearly. This year the usual suspects showed up and some new folks made an appearence. And I can honestly say, when we dress up we always keep it classy!! I enjoyed my time with this group of ladies and it’s never a dull moment!! Next event on the calendar is the Waterfront All White Party…. this should be interesting since I don’t wear white that much!!

Music Mondays: You Got Me


Love this song, a great blend of talent all mix up together!! *The Best!*


What’s Your Flavor?



Very very nice!!!

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