Day 18: Your views on gay marriage.



Why not? Are the harming anyone with this? No…and who are we to judge? God has the final say, so with that being said…. go ahead. I support it!!

Be happy and in love with whomever you choose to marry!! Love is Love… no color or sex should matter!! Animals is where I draw the line….

Day 17: A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.



Well honestly after watching “Schinder’s List” and ready books like this. They made me change my mind on my thoughts on the holocaust. It also allowed me to see things from their eyes, as the slave narratives did for many people. I mean you hear about these kinds of things and you see it from the eyes of other forces you to walk in their shoes to understand what so may never.


Day 16: Someone or something you definitely could live without.




The extravagant lies people tell!! LOL. You’d be amazed by the one’s I hear. It’s like people insist on insulting my intelligence. Well I was born in ’83 not 2014.

So keep your lies to yourself because I can most certainly live without them!!

Please and Thank You!!!

Day 15: Something or someone you couldn’t live without, because you’ve tried living without it.


Short and to the point… GOD!!! You know we think once we feel as though He left us when things aren’t right in our life. We come to realize he never left us.

We tried to live our life without him, not knowing He is still there and waiting for us to come back into his arms. He loves us unconditionally!! And we simply can’t live life without God’s presence being felt!!

Day 14: A hero that has let you down. (letter)


This one had me thinking, because I haven’t really consider anyone a hero in my life. So I figured I’d do this one a little different better than leaving it blank.

So I was let down, but someone who I hold dear and I kind of understand their actions as I got older. Not that it justified anything.

Dear Mom,

This is kind of hard for me to write but we’ve had this discussion once before and I know you didn’t want to hear it and you felt attacked. But you let me down when you fail to protect me. I lived in a house where I was in fear everyday. I remembe early on how things changed. I would get beat by two people inour household and you wouldn’t do anything to protect me. I thought it was a mother’s instinct to protect their children. But that wasn’t the case. You did prevent some stuff from happening but that didn’t make me feel anymore protect. I remember holidays being fun until they weren’t.

I understand that you tried your best and you learn from you mother. But as I said before sometimes we try so hard NOT to be like our parents, and then we realize we are. Sucks I know. I love you for letting me go, for us to come back and be better as far as our relationship. I know you make up for it with your grands. I just hope we continue down this path.


Love you much!!



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