Tell’em How U Feel Tuesdays: 9/21

1.) Settling is a sign of low self-esteem. You need to realize your self worth.

2.) If you would’ve slapped my daughter, I would’ve slapped you and told you go get your mom.

3.) If you have sexual intercourse with a man…and you’re a man…guess what your gay! Down-low men…please realize this!

4.) Why doesn’t it look like you went over your teeth with a yellow crayon? Tooth Paste….just a thought.

5.) Seriously, how are you grown walking around smelling like 3 hoagies? Washing up isn’t a hard thing to do. Then gonna have the nerve to be waving yours hands around like you don’t smell yaself.

6.) I’m need people to tell their friends that they can’t sing. Don’t have them singing in church so bad that the pastor burst out laughing.

7.) I didn’t know Deadbeat Mothers were in style. It’s a trend that should have never been started! How you eating and you aint feeding ya kid? Trifling ass!

8.) If you don’t care about something…then you won’t bring it up. When you do, it shows you care..

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15 thoughts on “Tell’em How U Feel Tuesdays: 9/21

  1. If you have sex with a man, your gay. Not according to my bisexual friend kdaddy23 also on here. He is predominantly hetero but does mind swinging the other way once in a while. It is not for me, but I just thought that I would offer some clarification.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder


  2. Mr.TramueL says:

    I can’t stop laughing at the photo!

    Mr.TramueL loves the kids. #2 … just like that dude in FL that went ham on those kids on the bus. Yep, I wish a kid would.


  3. Ms. Nikks says:

    #2. You better believe it! I definitely support this, kids these days have no manners. Then you meet their parents and you aren’t at all surprised where they get the bad behavior from. They both need their asses beat!

    #6. Lmao, wow, no pastor didn’t! If I saw it, oh Lord they would’ve thought I was in the spirit how I’d laugh myself to death!

    #7. Yes girl, deadbeat mamas seem to be the in thing this year! Worthless bitches!


  4. LOL girl I don’t hold back laughter in church. I giggle in hopes that they get the point that they can’t sing. And these gay men need to stop fronting.

    I agree their are a lot of deadbeat mothers. A LOT. People put a lot of focus on deadbeat fathers but forget that there are women out there who don’t need to be having children.


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