Likes & Dislikes: Facebook

*Taking a cue from Don over at Minus the Bars . You have to go over and check him out!*


• Being able to stay in contact with friends who are overseas
• Finding long lost relatives
• Staying in contact with relatives
• Bejewled
• Family Feud
• Being able to create Fan Pages


• Nosey Mofos
• Getting all those emails after you only liked a status or commented on it once.
• App. Request
• Stalkers
• Drama
• Party Invites (especially one’s from people who live on the other side of the map)

Feel free to add more if you like… I just had to share that with you guys.

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5 thoughts on “Likes & Dislikes: Facebook

  1. Hahaha. I no longer have a FB account, but I do recall many of the things you have listed. What I enjoyed most was connecting with old friends. What I could do without was old friends who are old friends for a reason. Good read. Thanks for the shoutout, Sunny.


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