Just a Thought: Helping Hand

“Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.” Norman B. Rice

This quote reminds me of a time in my life where I knew that there are so truly good people in my corner …

I remember the time I was going thru a hardship. I had moved to North Carolina with my then boyfriend. We had plans to make things work for us elsewhere. Our stay down there was nice or so I thought. I had jobs lined up…and I was ready. We took a weekend trip to come back up to Jersey for the weekend. We came up to warm welcome back and I hung with friends a family, while he visited with some of his family. Apparently, he and his cousin (the one we were staying with in NC) got into a argument or something. Sunday morning, we were waken up with a phone call. The message was clear….they went back to NC without us. WTF?? Yeah I know.

We had pre-packed the car the night before and everything seem to be find so what happened? All we had were our night clothes and clothes for the following morning. I had put my income tax papers in my bag to be filed when I got down there. So, you know I was pissed. Stranded….

How were we gonna get out stuff?

My daughter’s Godmon took us in and called a friend to get clothes for me & the mini. Me and my BF talked about what we could do. I called his cousin and he told me his side, and we tried to work things out with to get our stuff. But where were we to go. My daughter’s Godmother say we could stay as long as we needed and she really helped us. She got me money to get a new ID so I could use my last pay stub to get money for train tickets to get our stuff. I went to file my Income tax…only to find out someone else had claimed the mini!! Yes, I was pissed, hurting and stressed. I didn’t want to burden her godmother but what was I to do, we used up our money to buy things we needed.

Her god mom a Godsend called around and explain what happened and got people to give her money for me and the mini to get more clothes and figure out a way to get my stuff. My dad ended up in on it and brought me & the mini a train ticket and came to get us and took me straight to get me & the mini things. My dad talked to my BF cousin and pretty much made him give me my stuff.

Here this man was, my blood father…who never did much in my life who stepped up to do this for me. I was so happy and grateful to both my daughter’s god mom and my dad because they extended their hands to pull me out of the darkness I was falling into during that time in my life.

After all my years of helping people without seeking a reward, I saw that it comes back when you truly need it!! For that I’m grateful and I continue to extend my hand to people in need if and when I can….

Comments welcome..

18 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Drew-Shane
    Apr 21, 2011 @ 12:36:04

    I try to keep a positive attitude when it comes to giving and being nice. That is a beautiful quote you opened the post with. I’m going to have to write that one down.



  2. Goddess Intellect
    Apr 21, 2011 @ 14:14:26

    I love hearing stories like this. It was not fair what happened to you, but I’m sure it reminded you of how blessed you are and more importantly how to be independent..which I clearly see you are.
    Love that quote btw



  3. clint
    Apr 22, 2011 @ 11:09:46




  4. Anwar Salandy
    Apr 22, 2011 @ 20:05:32

    Greetings Saritha,

    Inspirational material, I love the quote, “Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light”. Powerful stuff. Keep up the good work.




  5. Reggie
    Apr 23, 2011 @ 17:27:27

    You may never know who really loves and cares for you until the shit hits the fan. It’s times like that when you need those that love you to step up.

    You’re fortunate to have people that care in your life.



  6. Mr.TramueL
    Apr 23, 2011 @ 19:40:17

    Awesome testimony! The last sentence is what it is all about … Thank you for sharing & always being open and true with us ~



  7. Ms. Nikks
    Apr 24, 2011 @ 14:47:20

    Loved this post so much!

    This reminds me of why we should go out of our way sometimes to help others. It might seem like no one helps us or they don’t appreciate our help, but God knows what he’s doing. Someone else will do for us when we desperately need them. Great post Sunny!



  8. Sean
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 09:25:21

    People for the most part suck. That’s why it’s always a blessing to find a person who doesn’t suck and will bail you out when you need it. I try to be a solid individual and go out of my way to help people, even when they don’t deserve it.

    Pass it forward and keep up the solid blog work…..




  9. The Insane Asylum (Mr. Chap)
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 17:09:42

    Had me on the edge of my seat for a minute…I’m glad it ultimately worked out. One great act of kindness deserves to be passed along.



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