Memory Lane: Random Good Times

– “Here I am/ there you are/If you asked me to walk a thousand miles just to be where you are/I can’t say no/if you asked me/if I had dime/it’s yours as well as mine” My mom swore up and down she had the next “Jackson 5”. Or at least, has us thinking we were. Every time company came we sang all those songs. Could’ve sing “I’m going down” by Mary J. But had us singing “Giving Him Something He Could Feel” by En Vogue.

– The snowball fights. My mom and step dad telling us we had to come in. Only to smack us in the heads with snowballs. Jerks!! Lmao *hmm I may try that with the mini.* ~evil grin~

– Getting in trouble for kissing a boy. A friend of mines was mad because I didn’t like him that way and he told my mom I was kissing another boy.

– Finally getting, my mosquito bites (little boobs). What don’t judge me, I come from a family of big boobs… and I finally got my little mosquitoes…lmao. Hey I feel more like the family thanks to my mini for giving me my nice rack!! What? #dontjudgeme

– “Loose, footloose kick off your Sunday shoes/Please/Louise pull me off my knees Jack/ get back c’mon before we crack/Lose your blues everybody cut footloose” my pre-school graduation song. I remember I couldn’t fit my shoes so I was jamming with them next to me. I had to big bushy pigtails and a white dress.

– My dog “Baby”…she loved me and she helped me escape a lot of beatings. Probably why my mom and step dad got rid of her while I was at school. Damn jerks!!

– My first boy I liked. He was a white boy I believe is name was Brian. We used to sleep in each other cots. We were in pre-school. Our parents had to come and figure out what was going on, but we couldn’t take a nap without each other.

– Going away every summer!! I love my god-dad!! He showed me a world outside of Trenton, NJ!!

That’s all for now….I may re-visit this or follow up with a part 2….hmmm you never know with me. I’m sure some of you got a laugh out of it!!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mr.TramueL
    May 18, 2011 @ 12:01:18

    Two of my favorite(s) Music & Memories. Music always sparks a memory for me. “Me & Mrs. Jones” always takes me back to being at my grandmothers house playing in the living room while she is cooking something in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing!



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