Episode 5: Asked About Me!

A night out on the town, headed to the strip club. I always enjoy going to female strip clubs, only because mostly I’m gonna get free drinks and free lap dances. This was the first time I went to one on a date. I had pre-warned my date that things may end a little crazy, he simply laughed it off.

We met up with the other couples and I was introduced to the ladies, because I already knew the gentlemen. They seemed nice, but I know I was gonna get the “what are your intentions?” look because they were related to my date. We get to the strip club and the men head over to the bar and get our drinks. The ladies come and introduce themselves and ask me a couple of questions. Let’s call them “Tonya” and “Lauren”. Lauren is the taller one and Tonya is the shorter one. We are talking about random things, and I sense something from Lauren…but I brush it off and continue chatting and looking at the ladies on the stage.

The gentleman come back and they start talking about the ladies on the stage and how they was gonna get lap dances in the other room. I start to sip my drink and I continue watch this one chic dance…she notices me and when she is done makes her way over to me. We exchange pleasantries and she asked where I was from. I tell her and she asked what was I drink and after I say what it is, she makes her way over to the bar and comes back with another drink. I guess I didn’t realize my actions were being watch. She begins to give me a lap dance and I’m enjoying it, shit why not. After which, she said she will catch u with me later.

Cue the fellaz.

They come back to join us and they I don’t remember which tells him about the dance I just got. Then someone asked was I into girls, I simply said yes and continue to drink my 3rd drink. As the night goes on we laugh and enjoy the ladies that dance. Then we all headed to the bar, the music was pumping so I started moving to the beat and Lauren came to join in. She made eye contact and said more to me without saying a word. She eventually spoke up and came at me say I knew nothing about being into girls. I smiled, because I’ve heard that so many times before. Thats simply means, you wanna find out just how much I know and/or what I can do.

The night ended and we headed to Lauren’s house. When we got there…..things didn’t go according to plan. Lauren was back to talking smack and so I bent her over and went in. I didn’t care who was there, I was gonna shut her up. She was amazed at what I could do and lost control of herself. She started to shake and I guess she was reminded that the fellaz were watching and wanted to take things upstairs. I followed. We got into her room and I pushed her on to bed and she got on all fours. I went to town…she tried to muffle her sounds…but I wouldn’t let her, I wanted them to hear, her body shook and I didn’t stop I wanted her to mark her words and I did just that. She was shocked at my talent…I wanted so bad to say “asked about me”, but I didn’t. She then had her turn, and she did her thing. She introduce me to the bump, and that was the first time I came with a chic in that manner. After which I got up and went back down stairs. I explained to my date that I was sorry but I had to do what I had to do. We made our way to my house and fell asleep.

Comments Welcomed.

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22 thoughts on “Episode 5: Asked About Me!

  1. woowwww!!!!! its so clear and straight, when i first started reading i was like ” a date at a strip club”?? because i haven’t read the other episodes, and then as i continued i quickly understood why.. I am definitely looking forward to the next episode… excitement is pulsing through me.. :-D


  2. whattttttttt?! I love this post! Sometimes, you just have to demonstrate what words cannot explain!! ;-)

    Get to the next episode asap – please and thank you.


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