Just a Thought: Rain

The first drops of rain always bring a smile on our faces. The smell of wet soil, the damp grass, and the slosh of puddles under our feet make us want to dance with wanton joy. Rains make a heart go romantic. Ever danced in the rain? The feeling is inexplicably beautiful. Hold your sweetheart’s hand and walk in the rains while the clouds play cupid. G. K. Chesterton

As kids we knew that rain was the cause of us not being able to go outside to play. We had to find things to keep us entertained indoors, and most of us didn’t have the latest game console either. I remember getting together with my sisters and brother watching scary movies or playing school. Sometimes we played board games, sung songs like we were the next thing to big thing; dancing around in clothes that probably didn’t match, LOL the memories.

It wasn’t until I was grown that I thought the rain was sexy. It give me that feeling of wanting to me cuddle up under the covers with a significant other and “boo-love” the day away. Maybe watch old movies or all those silly romantic comedies and waste the day away.

Today started off with rain, but quickly cleared up. :( I wish to God it would rain again! But while it was raining it reminded me of a time where it rained most of the weekend, cuddling under a certain someone and just boo-loving the day away. Enjoying each other company with very few words, just laying around and listening to the rain fall to the ground and hit the windowsill. It was music to our ears, and it was calming relaxing day.

*playing “Summer Rain” Carl Thomas*

“I don’t mind if it rains for-ever,
Let it rain, rain, Let it rain,
I said I don’t mind if it rains for-ever,
Let it rain, rain, Let it rain”

Share your thoughts about this quote and how the rain makes you feel.

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22 thoughts on “Just a Thought: Rain

  1. DEFINITELY! I Love being cuddled up in bed or on the couch under a quilt just enjoying each other. We don’t need to talk, or do anything, but just BE! I Love the rain…and lately we have been getting the perfect weather needed to “boo love” as you say with out Babes! :-)


  2. My boo actually loves the rain as you do! I almost forgot how much fun a day like that can be. I’ll have to remind myself the very next day it rains all day!! Until then………..


  3. There’s nothing as soothing as the rain to sit back and reflect our memories upon, i used to spend endless hours with my ex wife (before our divorce of course) inside the house doing nothing but that. Just cuddling the day away, there was no need for words when the rain said it all..great post :)


  4. I love rain. Growing up in Jamaica, most of the houses have zinc on the rooftops so you hear the beating of the rain and it was always fun to stay in and play or colour. We played school also lol.

    As an adult is definitely when you realize that rain equals sexy time! Lmao and I love that song. I played it to death when it just came out and it brings back a lot of memories of someone I care about.


  5. Rain is synonymous with relaxation, I laugh because growing up my grandmother would make everyone turn everything off and go somewhere and sat down. I always associate it with quiet time. As I came up in age I begin to associate rain with intimacy. I had an ex girlfriend who fantasized about making love in the rain. The opportunity presented itself and let’s just say it was cold, uncomfortable and not the wet I was hoping for.


  6. Personally, you’ve never made love until you’ve done it IN the rain! That spur of the moment situation when the rain is as warm as a lover’s kiss that caresses your skin. I’ve done it and there’s really nothing like it…


  7. Rainy days are perfect for takeout, movies, and booloving! :) And I agree with Ms. Nikks, there’s def. nothing better than the sound of rain hitting the roof and it’s so soothing and makes you appreciate the simple things/moments in life.
    I will add loving in the rain on my to do list. Awesome post!


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