~ I’m so tired of people doing dumb things and then being surprised when the outcome isn’t what the want. I mean really not trying to be mean, but I don’t want to hear it. Just like you don’t wanna hear “I Told U So”, save it!

~ Everyone is supposed to break their necks to do for you, and you can’t do one thing for anyone?

~ Bragging is a clear sign of insecurity. You need to sit your ass down somewhere and get your priorities in order.

~ If you have nothing intelligent to say, shut the fuck up!

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10 thoughts on “Rants

  1. Woa what a rant lol.You don’t wanna mess with a Jersey girl when she’s ranting.

    BTW,I like the photo with the 1 R for random and rant.I may jack it from your sight.No love lost:it’s still Tri-State love lol.


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