Day 3: Your view on drugs and alcohol.

Drugs what kind of drugs? LOL…. Nah I’m kidding I know :)

Weed: Legalize it! It’s not hurting anyone, and FYI I don’t smoke.

Crack and all that other mess: No Bueno

Prescription Drugs: Some make people money (i.e. drug dealers and drug companies) Some times they do more harm than help.

Alcohol….. hmm? I recently cut down on my in take…to many lost nights. If you drink, drink responsibly. No need to have the random crazy acts of a drunkerd. Winos are funny. But I’ve heard someone, “a drunk person, speak a sober man’s mind.”

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  1. My thoughts exactly!! Loved your answers!


    • Thanks… I was laughing when I first saw this one because I knew what I was gonna say…lol. Glad you like it!


  2. awesome answers… i actually have never tried any of these, but i would love to try weed.. i have been curious about it for a long time.. :-)


    • I tried it, I almost burnt my lungs I figured maybe I was doing something wrong…so i never did it again and i didnt feel a buzz…but I did catch contact quite a few times :)


  3. As much as I’m against weed smoking(I don’t smoke neither),I’m all for legalizing it too(sounds contradictive like you).

    BTW,governor Christie of NJ the other day fought against this or some shit like that.

    I really don’t give a shit about prescription drugs neither.But that crack,coke shit!!No bueno neither.


  4. The war of drugs is a farce. I say legalize it all so that we can turn all those hustlin’ brothers (and sistas too) into legitimate business people. It is for that fact, legalizing it won’t ever be an option. As for alcohol, I do believe all things in moderation. I heard that saying before with people who drink too much alcohol. It can act as a truth serum when you think about it.


  5. With the rise of the use of Bath Salts producing zombies, we certainly have to make a stronger effort to crack down on drugs. A little alcohol, especially wine, can offer you positive health benefits. Good post!


  6. Funny that you talk about legalizing weed, I’m trying to get some ideas for a piece on whether its worth legalizing or not. But I agree on what you said about the other “drugs”…


  7. I’m with you 100%



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