Day 13: Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.

I would love to visit Hawaii!!!

Yes and hopefully this time next year the mini and I will be there!! Visiting my Uncle Patrick!! I was supposed to be there this year…but next year I most definitely will be there!! Lord willing!!

I may not want to leave, but we will see what happens!!:)

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  1. i wanna visit Hawaii also, and who would ever wanna stop living in paradise, i’m pretty sure if i go there i will also not wanna leave.. :-D


    • Yes that seems like a beautiful place to live…. my uncle loves it out there. I can’t wait to land there!! Thanks for commenting and reading!


  2. I want to go to Hawaii someday too because it looks like such a beauty place to visit. It’s on my list of places to see along with France, Australia, and Italy. I hope that you enjoy your trip. Definitely take a lot of pictures so we can imagine ourselves there too. Lol.


  3. I’d like to go to Hawaii also. Maybe when they build a bridge to it I’ll go lol


  4. SweetP

     /  July 16, 2012

    I’ve been to the Hawaiian Islands once, and Tahitian Islands twice, it’s pure paradise! But go for the smaller islands, not the main ones, they are too busy, too Americanized, afterall, they even have K-Mart there!


  5. I’d love to visit Brazil, but I understand it will never occur.



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