Day 14: Your earliest memory.

My earliest memory was when I was pre-school, good times. I remember so much about it. I remember nap time and our cots. Nap time I used to sleep with a boy in my class named Brian, and something like that. He had blond hair and blue eyes. Apparently, we couldn’t sleep unless we were next to each other. The teachers tried to stop us but it didn’t work. My mom told they set up a meeting with her and Brian’s parents to figure out a solution but couldn’t think of one.

I also remember our graduation. We danced to “Footloose” and my white shoes were too small and my dress was super frilly. LOL :)

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  1. interesting…I don’t know if it is my earliest memory but I remember when I was in preshool it was taught by this indian woman (from the country of India) and when you were bad you were forced to each peaches…probably explains my aversion to the fruit to this day. Peace.


  2. I remember my 4th birthday party. All of my friends and cousins were there, and I had a pinata too.


  3. Damn you have a good memory. Lol. All I remember is having a crush on my second-grade teacher she looked like Pam Grier in Foxy Brown. I remember hatching some eggs in an incubator and getting into fights and, of course, taking naps after lunch.



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