Day 27: A problem that you have.

I have so many problems, but I can only pick one. Damn it!! LOL. Well if I had to pick a major problem then I would have to say trusting people. Yeah some people would say they have a problem with trusting the opposite sex, I don’t trust anyone. If you are a person who has earned my trust, than you are one of the lucky ones.

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6 thoughts on “Day 27: A problem that you have.

  1. *hi fives* I have to co-sign that one Sunny! Ppl take my stand offish first impressions as stuck up. But really the truth is “I just don’t know you like that!” My trust issues are so bad, I be feeling some type of way about the kids that my kids play with lmao! *holds head in shame*


  2. People are like animals sometimes, so you do have to approach with caution, but you are a part of a bigger community so you have to trust. People are going to hurt you and disappoint or let you down, but you are human, you’ll forgive and forget. If God possesses the mercy to forgive us, I am sure you can find the mercy to forgive anyone. I’m not saying be a fool, and I’m not trying to preach, but you know, get like a fucking background check on em and roll with it. Shit will be good. :)


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