Where Did Everyone Go?

I’m not feeling the love. Idk I never really looked or cared about people reading and/or commenting on my site, but when you get use to it and it doesn’t happen it tends to bother you. I’ve experienced this before, usually after a blog challenge. I guess with all the flooding of a subscriber’s email will have them unsubscribing asap. LOL.

Well I guess I will just have to wait and see. LOL

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17 thoughts on “Where Did Everyone Go?

  1. Unknown Black Male says:

    Subscribed via email, I read every post. You’re right … I’ve been MIA from the comment section. We will do better ;)


  2. I’m still here. The comments sometimes go down in number. However, the number of comments are never anywhere near the number of readers I have. Therefore, the number of readers who comment on your pieces will go down from time to time — this is just something that happens. People don’t understand the true meaning of support. For example, I used to have several people who were regular commenters on my blog; they have, however, disappeared from commenting at all. Therefore, it happens. I will never disappear from being a reader of your blog.


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