Dreams: Sex


So last night I had a weird dream (normal for me) but this dream had me a little whacked out. So I was apparently doing a porno. I was excited about this too, it was a camera crew and people taking pictures for the case. In this dream, I was about to partake in the male actor (huge) pikachu. Oral sex, for those who haven’t caught on. In the midst of me pleasuring him, I noticed he picked up a cell phone. Dialed a number and started talking to whom ever it was. All the while making noise letting me know he was enjoying what I was doing. Then I heard him say a name, my daughter’s name. He was telling her what I was doing and how much he enjoyed it. This made me jump up slap him and leave.

When I woke up all I could do is say “wtf type of dream was that?” So if you know me I always tend to look up dream meaning and this is what I found.

Oral Sex in a dream:

To dream of oral sex represents total submission.  Doing whatever someone else wants.  It may also reflect you completely submitting to certain beliefs or situations.  Doing all this asked or required.

Positively, oral sex can represent helping other people or a total concern for their interests.  Negatively, oral sex could reflect caving in completely to fears.

To dream of getting oral sex represents a person or situation that is doing whatever you want or ask.

To dream of someone evil or negative getting oral sex represents a negative situation or negative habit that is being completely supported.

To dream of giving oral sex to an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend you still fantasize about can represent you empowering your sexual desire for them.  A sign that you need to put more effort into getting over them.

Alternatively, oral sex in a dream symbolizes your sexual desire to be pleased orally.  

Looking at this meaning, I can’t help but think to myself about the things that are going on in my life. And the things that aren’t going on in my life…. so this was an interesting dream with an very interesting mean. I just wonder what did my daughter symbolize?

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  1. Lmao I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Why can’t I get dreams like these?

    As far as the dream meaning, I don’t buy it. What I mean is, I find it to be standard belief that giving a guy oral sex is a submissive role. So I don’t see anything super secretive about it.


    • You might not but for a person like me, that’s not a role I play as far as life goes. I took this meaning outside of sex and applied it into things going on in my life and its spot on.. so to each its own.

      Thanks for commenting…and you can have my weird dreams.


  2. I try to think of dreams more literally, and it could be a fear that she might catch you. Having sex feels wrong if your child is in the house, even though you’re doing nothing wrong. It’s just all about timing, you have to be able to relax during sex and this could be a reflection of an anxiety that prevents full release.


    • It could be that as well. I don’t like to have sex while she is home, I’d much rather wait until she isn’t. So far when I did have sex in the house, she hasn’t caught/walk in on me.


  3. That was a hell of a dream…lol


  4. That would scare me =/


  5. I believe some of these dream interpretation sites are accurate. I had a dream that I was being attacked by a yellow snake and it turned out that someone at work was a backstabber – go figure!


    • Wow, interesting. Yes, I agree some of these dreams site be on point. My dreams always having a meaning or a reason for me dreaming them, and it usually helps me understand how to tackle an upcoming problem or event.


  6. I was with you right on up until the mini popped in. That’s definitely enough to spoil a wet dream.

    I’m one of those dream-seekers myself. I don’t dream often but when I do, it’s nights at a time and they usually lead right up to something significant happening which, sometimes, have absolutely nothing to do with whatever I dreamed in that past week. Then I sit down and try to piece the puzzle together. I’ve been like that all my life so I’ve grown to hate dreaming, like seriously taking precautions to not eat before laying down or being exhausted before falling asleep (I have to take out at least an hour to whine down before I let myself fall asleep) But when I have no control over them, I instantly get nervous like someone is chasing after me. Carefully observing everything to see what’s going to happen next….. yes! I’m weird. I know LOL!!!

    Maybe the DEEPER meaning behind it has moreso something to do with how she feels about a certain situation rather than you. Just a thought


    • I would like to know what situation would be. @ Maybe the DEEPER meaning behind it has moreso something to do with how she feels about a certain situation rather than you.

      Yes, well I dream every night some dreams don’t make me wonder, while random ones like that will have me wondering what is going on or what is about to go down.

      Thanks for sharing!


  7. As a guy, that I dream about sex is a given although, being the type of person I am, to me, all they ever are – and no matter how bizarre – well, it’s just a dream. There is so much we don’t know about the human subconscious; the experts are barely past figuring out why we dream, let alone why we have certain types of dreams, like dreaming of flying.

    Some folks believe dreams having meaning… and I’ve never been one of them. I realized a long time ago I could make myself nuts trying to figure out what a dream meant or give myself major headaches banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why I dreamed a certain thing, why people appeared in my sex dreams that I’d never expect them to be in, stuff like that. Hell, I have a hard enough time dealing with my conscious mind!

    Still, I liked this posting…


    • Glad you liked it, and to each its own. Like you said sometimes dreams can be just that, but like I said if it something that really bothers me I wanna know what it could be about I search for answers…


  8. Wow! Weird dream, indeed. Lol! I think we’ve all had those dreams that make us think: what in the world is going on here.



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