Farewell Spoken Words & Thoughts



This is probably the hardest letter I will write. I have poured about 7 years of my life into this blog. It’s like my child because I gave so much of me to it. It started out more like a journal of my thoughts and the random things that were me.

I had this idea to branch out and make a major move that I have been scared to even do. After talking to some friends I realized I cannot keep holding back on something I really want to do. I got a few friends on board and our plan is to start a radio show on blog talk radio and create any and every social media thing to tie into it. Which is a great thing!

I didn’t know that I would have to walk away from my blog. But realistically speaking it would be hard to juggle all those things, along with a fulltime job, kids and life. So as much as it pains me to leave this blog I have to. I will give all the information on the new blog once it set up and you can choose to follow and be a part of this new experience with me.

We have already created the FB page for the new blog so click here and “like” the page… and this wkend I will be working on the blog. So this page will be up for a while before I close it down complete.

Again I can’t thank you guys enough for all your support and advice!!!!

Changes Coming



Hey guys just wanna give you guys a head ups there are a lot of changing coming soon in the next couple of weeks. All good things so don’t worry. Now if you have been following these past months, you know that a radio station and FB pages are in the works. Right now we are in the think tank about names for the radio show and the page. We are trying to make them all tie into the blog so that way you guys won’t have to be bouncing all around.

Also I decided it would be a good idea to add them on the blog. So you guys can get to know them here since everything will be one big thing to kick of the brand we are building. One of which has been all up and through this blog whether it was in the comment section or as a guest post. He has been a big help being that he is familiar with the radio station things.

So stay tuned and please continue your support!! Thank in advance!!

Shady Boss


Now I never really with any of the bosses until this new one. This one has been around for nearly 2 years and has manage to rub me the wrong way. From the gate she started off on the wrong foot. She came from another state agency and came in with the “we did this at” so on and so forth. Now I’m a team player and I’m all about improving thing around the office for the better. But you would think that coming into a significantly bigger company then the one you were out you would as a boss learn how we do things and change things as you see fit. That would be too much like right.

After two years she doesn’t really know what any of us workers do. She can’t even answer a simple question. Her delegations skills are on point because she can’t even tell someone where to find a form, but will email one of us to answer and copy her. Making unnecessary steps to any and everything. But hey she got the job, so I must hush my mouth right.

Despite the fact that I have been rub the wrong way and her aura comes off as sneaky which I have a major problem with. I still come in and do my job the correct way. We had 3 run-ins where I feel like she wasn’t acting like my manager or the way a manager should.

One Friday afternoon, 2 co-workers and I were chatting. It was the day after pay day it was around quitting time. I don’t remember the conversation but you have 3 excited females talking and laughing. She walked over and said “ladies insides voices” then turns to me and says “Saritha, you don’t come up for air, do you?” As if I was talking to myself. Both coworkers looked at her and I couldn’t because I was so mad that she would single me out. She walked away and then peeked back at me like she was waiting for me to say something. The next time she tried to say need to dress work appropriate in front of everyone. Which my other coworker said I dress fine for work and she shouldn’t have singled me out like that. When so many others wear stuff they shouldn’t wear to work.

Then there was the time she told me I was dress “age appropriate.” Monday I come into work and I settle down. And when she comes in she says it again in front of everyone. They look at me and then wait to ask me what she meant. I have no idea what the chic meant. I had one a sundress. I doubt it was a compliment.

She knows I don’t like her but I do my job. So I don’t see the need to always throw shade at me.

Game of Thrones

This whole season had me excited, mad, sad and happy all at once!! I know some of my blog fam watch this show and I need to hear y’all thoughts!!


First off, the places that we were introduced to were beautiful this season. I like that we seen all these places that we have been hearing about. I swear this season was unlike any of the other before. Our usual episode where we know something is good is gonna happen, I think it happened almost every episode.

Scene I Loved:

Cersei: When that radical she put in charge made her confess her sins and bare the shame. What’s that little thing about karma? I can’t wait until next season!!

Scene I Hated:

Stannis: Y’all know what I’m talking about!! And Jon Snow… I’m still in shock. How can they end the season like this?

What I Can’t Wait For:

Missandei and Grey Worm to get it on!! I know he is “still a man”


Drop in the comment section the scenes you love, hated and can’t wait for!!

All White Everything!

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When we go out, we keep it classy and sexy!! Love my bestie she makes sure when we go we are flawless!!!

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