Radio Show or Podcast?


So last night while nursing a hangover I thought about my idea of starting a blog talk radio or podcast surrounding the topic of relationships. I’m not big on giving relationship advice, but I’d like to open up the discussion between men and women. Answer all the question people are scared to ask and have those taboo conversations that need to be talk about.

Now all I have to go is build a fan base. I reached out to 3 of the my friends with the idea of starting a FB page and seeing if that could lead to the radio show or the podcast. Now I know a lot of my blog fam dabble in things like this so I’m asking for your help. How do I even begin to get this off the ground?


Please comment ideas and helpful advice! Thanks in advance!

Day 24: What Attracts You (In Love)

This is always a hard one for me… very different things attract me about people. It can be anything from their mental to the physical. So I don’t even know how to truly answer this question. It always something different in each person I have found myself attracted to.

But if you want to to try I would make this about my current boo thing. What attracts me to him is:

  • Because he loves me, he shows it in his words and his actions and he will shout it to the mountain tops if need be.
  • His protective nature.
  • His attention to how he presents himself.
  • His laid back attitude.
  • His words… you know I love people who have a way with words…
  • His Lips
  • His loyalty
  • He love for my daughter (he loves her like his own)
  • His bond he has with my daughter
  • His honesty, I may not like it at times but I can appreicate it and respect it

And that is just to name a few off top