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Day 18: Pic of Yourself

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Its my birthday!!!! Yayyyy me!!! Lol


Day 17: Your Favorite Blogs

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So I’m gonna kick this off by saying all the blogs on my blog follow you need to check out, they all are different but great reads!!

But if I have to name my FAVS (don’t hate me if you’re not on this list I’m only doing five and I love all of your blogs)

Always in no certain order:

Jay: This man inspire everyone and he always pomotes positivity, and I love it. I may not comment as much but I’m always checking him and everything he does out. Right To R.E.A.L Love (also love the emails!)

Enigma: I can’t even put into words what I wanna say about this talented lady except I think she needs to get a book going!! So get to it chica!! Mental Masturbation

She Traces: Can I have your life the ups and the downs. I travel through your blog…lol I picture myself traveling with you!! Globe Tracer

Kenny: I doubt I every would’ve followed a Pick Up Artist but his blogs are fun and keeps me abreast of the art form!! PUA Adventures

KP: When I ran across this blog here it had be wondering what did I get myself into. But after reading and following it I love it, this guy makes his presence known. He speaks abouts most do not and he promotes positive black images. Thanks for expressing and sharing as you do! Kushite Kingdom

Again… if your blog was not posted here doesn’t mean I love you any less. I still love your blog but I could’ve been here all day!! LOL

Day 16: Thoughts On Education

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When this oen came up, I remembered these quotes that I once saw and glad I found them. They pretty much some up what my thoughts on education are!! Funny thing to….My Baby Sis is graducating from college today… I’m proud of her!!



Day 15: Where Will You Be In 5 Years

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Hopefully moved out of my house into a new place. Planning a wedding and etc. LOL I just picture my life better than it is right now!