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First I want to thank you for asking me this question and yes I will keep you anonymous. If any of you have any questions you would like me to answer feel free to email them to me: iamsunnyd@yahoo.com

My Answer:

Although, I haven’t reached where I want to be, I am in fact happy with myself. It took a journey for me to get where I am and I can honestly say I’m happy with myself as a whole. No one is perfect and I accept who I am!!

Now fellow followers and blogger feel free to answer this question in the comment section!!

Thinking Of a Master Plan

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When two heads are better than one. With my love talking about getting into the writing game, it made me think about my blogging and writing. He wants this venture to financially secure our future. He has been researching ways to get into the publishing game. After a talk we had about my writing as well as his, we realize we both have a story to tell. And maybe just maybe it will help someone else.

One wkend, I found my poetry book… which is primarily a chronicle of my life as a teenager into my adulthood. So when we get the ball rolling, I need to put together a sample. I want to start with my poetry that tells my stories and my feelings and I want to end if off with me explaining how I have become the person I am today. Seems like a good enough idea. We also want to find new writers who have a story to tell once we learn all the ends and outs.

I will update my blog fam as I know  how things are unfolding..


Music Monday: Shoot Me Down


So I couldn’t think of a song for this morning, so I asked for suggestions..  and thanks Mr. TramueL for this one. A great song…

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